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    Jinqiao mechanical sealed Press sealed pieces of machinery over the years devoted to the development, manufacture, marketing integration business. Possession of a domestic first-class equipment and production processes of professional and technical personnel. Uphold technology in the lead, the use of standards to create products and management systems. Jinqiao sealed pieces of machinery enterprises leading products, including : mechanical sealed components, axle in sealed, hard quality sealed, sealed light, medium sealed, heavy sealed, ceramic sealed, sealed graphite, silicon carbide seal products, products with specifications models, and variety Qi End, reliable, not one drop spills characteristics. Materials used silicon carbide (SIC), Tanhuawu (WC), graphite (M), high-purity aluminum (AL2O3.99%), metal, ceramics and other materials. Widely used for dairy, food, beverage, beer, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, the chemical industry, daily chemicals, chemical mechanical equipment supporting the use of advanced technologies to meet international standards, and the acquisition of development and production of non-standard sealed. From the high-quality entrepreneurial always take as a starting point, Jinqiao were centered around times pulse, grasp development opportunities, after years of hard work, many famous enterprises have been considered a success manufacturers. Welcomed the new and old users seeing calls negotiate business.

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Add:Zhejiang Wenling Hill City